Mittwoch, August 22, 2007

I would like a book on arms

The kind used in heraldry.

So anyway, I actually updated the appearance of the site a little while ago. Not the blog, the portfolio. Stuff. Then I rearranged the works in it a little bit. I may have even added a few somewhere a long the line.

I also lost internet at home, again, ahhaahh. So I'm updating from a coffee shop right now. Nice coffee shop. But I don't drink coffee, just... tea and sodas. Oh well.

The bad thing about this store is that they also carry used books, so I always want to buy.... everything.

Especially in the German language section. It is actually quite large, so I tend to pick through it and procure various texts. A lot of them tend to be really old, though. It's interesting. I have no idea how to read that type face. Ahahaha. o.o

So anyway. I've been planning expansions for Thanatos, but I've also been futzing around with little apps here and there for my friends. See, I like table top gaming a lot. A lot. And sometimes it's hard on the GM because there's all these tables they need to look up, or information they need quickly, or more commonly, there's not much room on the table and they keep losing dice down the arm chair or they don't have anywhere to write the intiative table. So she gives me extra experience for writing programs that help her. She's also decided that I can't make any more because my character will soon end up a god. XD;;; I haven't gotten that much extra exp. But after the revisions done to the intiative table I don't think I'm allowed to get more exp. Oh well. :P
I need to practice things for action script anyway, so I'm still doing things in the background when I can. (Some days I can't think too terribly well, so it'd be a disaster...)
Although I AM going to have to raise my Panache some day because going only twice a round means... I very rarely get to do anything in a fight. D: (Talking about playing 7th Sea, sorry)

But yes. Expanding Thanatos. It was a fun short game, but I want to make it longer. I also want to make it possible to save, so I can make it much longer. Loofah.
So at the moment I'm probably going to start rebuilding it from the bottom up, since working with what I wrote on no sleep, in a rush, because my first idea fell out, is, um... yeah. No. Also doing the character art outside of flash, too, so. Although I really liked the look of the characters as done in flash, I want it to look like a "real" game, and unless I can figure out 3D modeling, importing it into flash, and doing this in cel shading, *shakes head*.

Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

Speaking of which

I'm probably going to try to post about other projects and stuff in here now since it's still linked to my webpage and all.

... I felt bad about missing one of the blog assignments so I didn't spam this about Thanatos, like I did my personal journal (elsewhere), but I'll try to spam it about other things later.

I also never got around to posting about the tool tips. Hm...

Oh well, in other news, today is my birthday and the only thing I've recieved is one of my cats destroying several images I was working on for people (commissions). -.- I swear, no where is good enough to hide anything against those monsters... He'd actually dragged the papers out, crumpled, and arranged them just so in order to sleep on them. What terrible cats...
Well, Ada is a good cat. Gawain... no. (I'm not even wearing green, so what gives??)
I'd play some more zelda, but I'm at an impasse. Now, fighting lots of ... whatever those things are... on boar mounts is fun. Jousting of sorts with their leader is not. :(
You try going up against a giant green dude on an armoured, giant, boar with huge curved horns.
Some people have claimed that Twilight Princess was too easy. They're liars. I've never had this much trouble in a Zelda game... Now, I'm not saying it's too hard or anything, either, just that it's more difficult than I could remember Ocarina of Time or Windwaker being. I never got to play Majora's Mask, any of the game boy ones nor the S/NES releases... So I really haven't played much, but still.
At least I'm not going to claim it's the controller's fault. XD
People who blamed the controller were bad enough before the Wiimote, and now it's like, Well, it's new so obviously...
Ahhhh, well.
I'm set to ramble and I need to get stuff over to the school so I can FTP there since for some reason I can't keep a connexion long enough with the school's server in order to even load my folders. O.o Let alone upload anything. Ahah.

Speaking of projects. I got a lot of other people online to test out Thanatos. XD
It's been very amusing. It'll be up in the digital project section of my site, so, yeah. Make sure you've got your speakers on and not too loud or too quiet...
Because I've added sound. :D
A few people got stuck and then found their way, but mostly no one's had too much trouble. One person was too scared to finish it... ^.^;;; (Come on, it's only a flash game... it can't be that scary...)
Bear in mind that there are (obviously) two possible endings. One good, one bad, and you'll probably get the bad one. :P
It's nothing fancy getting to it...

I wanna do a full version of it later... it does have quite a bit to it to end so quickly, and anyone who found out I was thinking about doing a longer version has insisted I do, so I must, and I shall. Hopefully.

Very random, but I need to make sure i get some Deleter ink sometime, since the Higgins India Ink rubs off with Prismacolour/Copic markers and I'd like to use my nib set for inking (I have the G, Maru and Ssomething nibs.. Sanji, I think? Well, I mostly just use the G nib and whichever one it is that's the super fine point...) again with out fear of colouring with out dragging grey streaks all over the place. -.-
Pretty sure the comic shop where I got the pen set should carry it. They carry everything else Deleter makes, from the toner sets to the books and paper, so they should have ink bottles...

final blog for class

What did you find to be the most valuable things you learned in this class?
-- Erm... Everything, I guess.

Which assignment(s) did you find to be the most valuable? Would you eliminate or replace an exercise or assignment?
-- I'm not really sure. I know I didn't like doing the blog assignments, and didn't really find them useful for the class, but...
I know I liked the projects...

Which one and why?
-- if the blogs were to document project progress, that'd be cool, other wise... Since we didn't really do much with them... ^.^;;

Other comments:
Not really

Montag, Oktober 16, 2006

speaking of javascript

I'll try and put up a tutorial later, maybe tonight or tomorrow after I sleep, but if you're interested in the javascript I used,
it's called a 'tooltip'-- The easiest way to do a tool tip is through the ALT tag on a link or image. I think you can have alts on links... It's been about 24 hours with out sleep, so bear with me here.

Now, tool tips can do all sorts of things. You can style them with CSS or Javascript, and I have both examples on my portfolio.
The CSS styled ones are on the menu. The JS styled ones are on the image thumbnails.

Now, If you go into my code and try to just lift the code off an imagee thumb (the most straight forward tt in the page-s code), it will not work. Why not?
Go to the bottom of the file. There will be some code that is all like, there's javascript and there's a file for it and it's this.
You need this file in order to get the style specifications and other things. It's like the program that defines everything on graphics calculators. I forget its name... But you know. It defines variables and settings and should take care of cross browser things.
You can follow the path and read the file. You can see the different settings you can define, like how long it takes for the TT to appear, dissapear, if it goes out on mouse over or click or what, etc.
There's also specifications for including the text for the TT, which must go inth the page body. You can't have certain characters with out putting that one slash before it. I think \... Yeah, it's the wierd one. I remember that much. XD
If you don't remember to slash out those characters, it will not work at all.

The other TT is harder to view. I will explain it later, especially since it's a little more complicated (i guess).
This stuff is really, really fun, though. Check it out. Try different things. What sort of things can you do with it and what sort of effects can you get? What are the limitations?

Go ahead and google Tooltip for more information, too.

My cats inhale meat, not air

It's true.
(if you had seen it, you would believe me)

I just remembered something amusing. To me, anyway. Well, it's funny. I have contacts again, which is spectacular. Been a week, really. But really. Glasses. Horrible. Mine are really thick, and even though they're feather weight lenses, they always fall to the end of my nose, they hurt after a while, and...
I have no peripheral vision at all. Not just something fuzzy... Absolutely nothing. But I had my contacts before I had to fall back on glasses for a while, so getting used to not seeing anything outside the normal frame was fun. :(
So glad I can see peripherally again.

Also, things were smaller and curved with the glasses. Bleh. I thought my screen was tiny and could hardly tell these macs were wide screens XD

I came up with a cowboy earlier today. Been listening to a disc of Juno reactor that's just this one song, mixed many different ways. It's called, Pistolero. It's got bullet sounds and everything. Very western, to me.
But I forgot what his name was going to be. It began with an e...
Also, an albino ferret. Wait, it was Everret, wasn't it? Yeah, Everret is like Ferret... Ahahahaha. I'm creative.
Everet, maybe? Or is it really Everret? Not sure.

But yeah, my cats breathe meat, not air. Well, Ada does, in any event. Had steak for breakfast. Don't ask. The cats went insane. I gave them some of the scraps of fat... Ada, the tiny one, basically sucked up pieces of meat like they were nothing. It was terrifying. Meanwhile, Gawain, the monster, ate daintily, biting off only what he could chew.
And then Ada would butt in and steal whatever he was working on. Greedy, greedy ada...
This is why he is lean and she's starting to get a little chubby...

Maybe Everret will be a Possum, instead.

(I haven't slept. Forgive the scatter brained-ness)

Montag, September 25, 2006

Oh, fun

Usually, the digital arts server tells me that my login is bad. That the username and password are incorrect.

Now it tells me that it doesn't exist. O.o;;; Everything's working over there, including that ancient portfolio I haven't been able to update, but...OK.
Hopefully I can find out what the issue is... -.-;;;

Montag, September 18, 2006

Comments on the Poetics of Interactivity

I found the essay to be fairly interesting, in the exploration on the development of, and what makes up, 'interactive'.
I was initially interested that she would say that interactivity encompassed too many things-- before going into depth, I couldn't see why for.
I can see that it has no longer become something entirely singular, with its application to things such as remotes or even the space between clicking and recieving. But then again, I still believe one can mold words to fit what they choose, and really, it's up to your perception of the matter whether or not interactive covers too many things or too little; whether or not it means this or means that. (which, in and of its self, is part of the problem she's adressing in this essay.)

Of course, she continues to give a definition for interactivity.
Discussing GUI, software, and the communication between the work, rather, the artist, and the user, and the completion of the work. I hadn't really thought about it before-- but that we do hold such a heiarchival view of works-- some one or thing produced them, using such media, and in the end, the user only views them. It doesn't really take into account that it is possible for the viewer to be more than just a viewer, but to be a coauthor and participate in the work. The end result doesn't have to be one that was predetermined, and the entirety of your interactivity simply getting there as prescribed-- your entire choice being what you're told to do or have no other option than to do, like opening and closing the oven door in one of the pieces-- it could be instead, that the user determines how the piece should be completed, and therefore has a much more active role in the work.

The discussion of gender and its impact on interactive art was also most interesting. From the point of mentioning the cybernetic persona of the interactive work, the faceless and subsequently genderless creature one does communicate with.
Of course, one can alter that-- such as with Christine in She Loves It, She Loves It Not: Women and Technology. Also, the exploration of turning the view back onto the viewer was interesting... making the user the subject of the piece and thus forcing them to look upon themselves, which was noted to occasionally make them feel rather uncomfortable.
She mentions whether or not it's successful in blurring the line between writer and reader, between author and user, and that's not due to the realisation that even these are just constructed roles. However, she does go on to discuss the immersion into the works, whereas the user, it seems, ought to become part of the work its self; that interaction with the work would become so intuitive that it may as well be an extention of one's self. She discussed how this, of course, changes the experience of the pieces completely, explaining a few. It was fairly interesting, this, seeing what approaches one might use to draw the user in and make them an integral part of their work.

Sonntag, September 10, 2006


Just being idle. I'm using my mate's laptop in the union. Can't hog it long... Though she's looking up subterranean monsters right now (we're playing D&D 3.5 right now), so it'll be a little bit before she realises I'm not checking all my homework and stuff any more... :P
We were going to play at a friend's... But they weren't home (even though I'm pretty sure we told them that game was today...), so we went to the union... Our place is a little cramped. And cold. What hell, the weather... Well, it's much better than usuall, since it's generally well above 80 in there... even if it's 67 outside. Ahah.
The internet should be good to go after 6 on Tuesday... we called them and they're like, your service won't be ready until the 12th! And the disc says not to set up the equipment and install the service until 6pm the day our service is active. So then. They also sent us the most adorable little modem. As terrible as it is for me to use the word 'adorable', it really is. It's this tiny little thing that's barely any bigger than my gameboy. XD (the SP, not... like a normal GB or anything. Not even a regular Advance.... And I mean folded.. Well, yeah. So ... yeah.)
So it's about the third the size of the modem we already had. :P Oh well, lol.

I made a new little background image for the portfolio site... It looks ok, but I'm still not sure about positioning... I mean, I can put it whereever I want in photoshop, but when one codes it, well, that's an entirely different story...
And I could but can't make it absolute to each individual page... I mean, i could, but it's like agh, because that'd have to go to each page instead of being in the style sheet for all pages. And I'm lazy. XD

Nah, I'll figure something out. :P
Meanwhile, I wasted time doing Silent Hill fan art last night. No real reason. No, there was a reason. My mate's been playing Silent Hill 2 lately. It's a good game. I'll never play it, since I'm too much of a wuss. :P I can't even finish RE4. I beat Verdugo the last I played it, but I'm too scared to continue. I was pretty much on the cieling the entire time, and I panicked too much to think when fighting him, so while I'm able to remember to knock over the liquid nitrogen and freeze him, I don't remember to shoot him with the rocket and let Kurt convince me to just shoot him with my pistol (I may or may not have changed to the Broken Butterfly... If I didn't, then I used the Red9 for it). It was pretty cool, when he died that way... But i was like, TYPEWRITER NOW HEARTATTACK AFTER YESSSS.
I don't want to fight Ramon Salazar after that. I know there's a safe spot against the wall, but i can never get into those things right.. I mean, I've watched Risu do it a million times through, but I can never get to it right. :/ Like when I fought Mendes the first time. Ahah.
I've been working on that game for like 2 years.... I don't think I'll ever be able to finish it, even if it's a fantastic game. Which it is. I love watching it. And playing it is fun, too, when I'm not freaking out. XD
(The best thing is, horror movies don't really do anything for me. But games? Ahahahaha...)
What's really fun is getting a group together to watch someone play Silent Hill 3. At night. With all the lights off.
(it's a shame to see these games on the Playstation, though. the PS2 cannot handle textures very well.. For an example, if you look at people in RE4 for the GameCube, the look fine. Filthy, tired, but quite alright. on the PS2 version, they tried to keep the textures, but something went horribly, horribly wrong-- everyone came out looking like they had blotchy, mottled skin. O.o Most PS2 games just don't even try to texture the skin... since it doesn't really go over well (another example of it not working is Onimusha 3. Of course, they didn't seem to care too much about the graphics of that game, although they put so much money into Onimusha 2, which was really an awful game. Looked nice, but, we would have preferred to not be able to make out the main character's features. I'm sorry, but, ew. :P And then he turns into Megaman. :P But Onimusha 4 is very, VERY pretty. :3). It's kinda like they compressed the files so much that it's like jpeg on compression 1 (if using Photoshop) XD. :/ It's a shame that not more games utilised the game cube's power for graphics. Oh well. Graphics aren't really that important, but it's irritating when you've got this one system that's so far behind, because it's ancient (I'll give it that much, but seriously....) that it looks horrible, and then everyone has to build from the ground up FOR that system. -.- Games work out better on the Xbox and Gamecube when they're build specifically for the Xbox or Gamecube, instead of being built for the Playstation and then being ported over like an afterthought. Bleh.
Slight tangent, but because of Sony's failure as a company, and not having 600 to spend on ONE BLOODY SYSTEM, we're going to try to get our paws on a 360 to catch the games that aren't on the Wii, like Resident Evil 5 and the eventual and highly probable port of Metal Gear Solid 4. And I WILL have MGS4. You don't have the nickname 'Snake' and not be a total tard for Metal Gear. XD (how else would I have gotten the nick name? lol) Raiden actually looks cool this time. He was such a fail for MGS2. Gods, I hated that game so much. I played it through once, and cast the game away from me as far as possible when I was done. My mate was upset that she missed watching me finish it. I would go through again for her, but seriously. ALL THOSE CODEC MOVIES WHY???
I don't want to watch two animated heads on little green screens argue for 30 min. at a time. GAH. For about 4 hours of the game. In total. Probably 10.
The final movie was certainly long. They should have had a pause function...
At least MGS4 looks goooooood.
MGS2 was also just plain way too long. Well, MGS3 is also really long, but that game is so much fun. :d Some people thought the new functions of stamina and so on were stupid and cumbersome, but I liked it because it brought you more into the game. I like that Kojima does that with his games-- he believes in drawing the player into the game with the story and functions. I also enjoy Boktai, but Ohio doesn't really facilitate playing it since we very rarely have enough sunlight for it. Even in the summer... Though I do anticipate the new one he's made. :3

I hope I can make a game some day... I'd really prefer direction or even just art direction over anything to do with my training-- which has been entirely animation. And really, I can't animate, I can't build models, I can't rig... All i can do is texturing and lighting, and I don't get much practice with that since I'd have to do my modeling and then the UVs are HORRIBLE, so my texturing takes longer than it should to make up for the bad maps, and the modeling took long enough, and then it takes me forever to animate because I'm terrible at it and my rigs are horrible, so I don't have much time left to do the lighting... :/

AND I RAMBLE, LOL. I guess it's not that funny.

The DM just bel aired whatever the Yuan-ti was saying. XD Right. I need to get off here and pay attention to the game. :P Because I have NO idea what's going on... ahahaha...

Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

hee hee hee

The great thing about style sheets for css and javascript is that it's really, really easy to make site wide changes. Of course, that's why I learned the two to start with...
Although I'm not certain about making triangles with CSS, it might be possible if there's a background image and then I see how in the world this 'outline' feature is supposed to work... although, to be honest, I don't think it'd work on an image since even if the image has transparency... it's still going to be read in as a rectangle. Ahah.

But yeah, as a personal reminder if I can't read my notes, since, uh, my handwriting is AWFUL...
1. Make a horizonal menu
2. Put a border around the smalls
3. Repeat that Triangle somewhere... Perhaps in the bottom right corner of the Contents div...? But I don't think I can have two background images at once in a div... I think I'd tried that before, and it didn't really work. And I like having the image tile on the left... Hm.
4... Uh... OH More padding around smalls. Maybe even centre. Hah.. It looked like Pudding...

Now, should I make that horiz menu it's own div...? Should it be part of Content..?
Decisions, Decisions!

Further, how in the world do you use BBedit to edit a page when you can't see the code because it renders it all right there...? I'm sure there's an option somewhere... (So I usually just use TextEdit, just like I use NotePad at home)

Also, no internet... Until next week. Seven days! I think even those are Business days! So, not until next friday. Bah!

You know. I remember the first site I ever made. XD It was pretty bad, and at geocities. IT USED FRAMES. And it was red on black. And h ad more than 50 pages, for some godless reason.
It was because of wanting to change things like layout on a giant site that I decided I needed to learn CSS, because while it would take a long time the first time, it would take very little time in the future.
That was around the time I built my portfolio here, like... 4 years ago. Then my login broke and I never got to update it. XD
God, that thing is embarassing. Especially the non-class Digital Arts section. NHUR HURRR Have some crappy drawings. One of them is Digimon Fanart. Kill me now. Well, it was a digimon I came up with, and at least I don't THINK the picture I did of Blackwargreymon is there... Ahahah, ahahhaha... I hope it isn't... It's from that time period...
And it's slices and rollovers galore. ImageReady Much? Oy vey. At least it doesn't have flashing links and strike outs and neon colours or anything...

But hopefully I'll find my camera so I can photograph my works that I'm storing at my parents. Running down there for Ohren (Ohio Renaissance Fair) since it's opening weekend (2 adults for the price of one!) and conveniently, I need to have all my non digital crap ready to upload, and if it's not something I did idly, it's huge. XD

But for NOW, I need to run to to the union or something and have that contract printed off! Ahah.